Student Clubs & Organizations


有100+ 学生管理的俱乐部和组织 (467k PDF)在这里的校园,所以很容易可以连接到各种像俱乐部赞助的活动

  • 社交
  • 社区参与
  • 公路旅行
  • 讲座
  • 电影放映


参与网络 is the link between students and student organizations on campus. This network allows you to view all the clubs & organizations along with their mission statements and previous club activity. Each club has its own profile page where you can post as well as see who else is a member. Join the group of your choice to get regular updates about club activities.


如果你有兴趣在形成一个新的小组,接触 伊丽莎白zmarlicki, Associate Director for Student Involvement & Leadership, at 401-598-2086. You can also stop by her office on the 3rd floor of the Citizens Bank Center for Student Involvement (CBCSI).

Policies & Procedures

Clubs & Organizations Handbook (664k PDF)介绍有关运行一个俱乐部,包括如何开始,俱乐部的责任和事件策略的政策和程序。